From work-related rehabilitation to 体育运动s medicine to vestibular rehabilitation, our team of specialists and professionals at 融合’s 门诊治疗服务 are dedicated to assisting you improve your safety, lifestyle and ability to do the activities you enjoy. For your convenience, we offer this important, comprehensive array of services close to home.河谷校园体育馆

bet356 offers a broad array of outpatient therapy services conveniently located at two locations:

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Did you know that when you graduate from our outpatient therapy program, you receive a free 30-day membership to the Robert K. 福克斯基督教青年会? This community partnership helps keep you on your path to wellness.


Female water therapy instructor assisting an elderly female student in stretching while in the pool

Warm water therapy is a safe environment for addressing posture, 平衡和增强耐力, 同时提高力量和柔韧性.

心脏 & 肺康复

慢性疾病和心脏紊乱, 肺和气道, as well as some of the treatments for these conditions, 会影响你的健康和生活质量吗. Our rehabilitation therapists are here to help you to manage your conditions and increase your strength.

Active Senior Sportswoman Tying Shoelace and Getting Ready For a Run

脚, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain can be caused by improper foot alignment and support. 症状发生在肌肉, tendons and joints become inflamed or degenerate from abnormal, 长期的压力和紧张压在他们身上.

Happy senior man exercising hand with physical therapy device

Hand therapy addresses functional recovery from an upper extremity injury or disease process. The goal of treatment is to help patients regain full hand and arm function for completion of their daily work, 体育运动, 或者自我照顾活动.


工作调节计划是个体化的, measurable and supervised exercise program with a goal of progressing to gainful employment. The focus is to improve an individual’s overall tolerance and endurance for physical work capacity in the sub-acute stage of recovery.


Lymphedema is an abnormal swelling of a body part, most commonly an arm or leg. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of lymphedema.


门诊治疗服务 provides a wide range of treatments for stroke and other neurological impairments including Parkinson’s Disease, 多发性硬化症, 肌肉萎缩症, 肌萎缩性侧索硬化症, 慢性脑损伤, 神经病变和脊髓损伤.


Outpatient nutrition counseling is offered by registered, licensed dietitians at bet356 for individuals wanting to improve their health and chronic disease risk factors through good food and lifestyle choices.


职业治疗 treatment emphasis is geared toward the restoration of function in order to maximize a person’s independence and safety with self-care, 工作和/或家庭管理技能. This may be accomplished by increasing joint range of motion, muscle strengthening and endurance.


Pediatric therapy services allow children to build confidence as they reach their full developmental potential. Caring and compassionate staff offer a team approach in a child-friendly environment for the best possible outcomes.

Female physical therapy instructor helping an elderly woman use band therapy to stretch her arms wide

不管你身体的哪个部位不舒服——脖子, 肩膀, back or knee – physical therapists have established a history of helping individuals improve their quality of life. Our physical therapists can help you move freely again without pain and discomfort.


Our speech pathologists work with children and adults who exhibit communication disorders, 这样的发音问题, 声音的问题, 口吃, difficulty understanding or using spoken and/or written language, 或者吞咽困难的人.


运动员是高度驱动和目标导向的人. We will be there to help you reach your goals and get you back on the playing field quickly and safely.


在美国, almost half of the adult population reports episodes of dizziness, vertigo and balance problems to their doctors every year. Dizziness or imbalance is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, 仅次于背部问题.


妇女健康治疗 services are related to incontinence and pelvic floor disorders, 包括盆底功能障碍, 尿道压力, 尿失禁和盆腔疼痛或虚弱.