服务的历史. 给予的遗产.

1887年10月, 路易斯•惠特尼, 医院第一批董事会成员之一, 邀请了四个朋友共进午餐. Afterward, she pulled out hospital table napkins from her workbasket that needed hemming. Her friends offered to help her, so they spent the afternoon chatting and sewing.

两周后, the group expanded to include eight friends who enjoyed meeting together while they accomplished a worthwhile project for the hospital. The new circle of friends decided that they were not really big enough to be called a branch of anything, 所以他们称自己为“TWIG”.”

Since 1948, more than 20 TWIG groups have been formed to support the Center. Many volunteers donate their time and talents to assist patients, visitors and staff.

今天,bet356有9名活跃的树枝. Each TWIG works to assist the Center with purchases of needed equipment and with support of hospital programs. 70多年来,树枝已经捐赠了超过4美元.向融合提供500万美元用于社区保健.

For more information about 树枝 membership or for additional information regarding their projects, please contact the bet356 Foundation at 740-687-8107.

枝条1 -癌症关怀跑


每年秋天在马滕斯公园举行, the TWIG 1 5K and 2 Mile Walk raises money to support the bet356 Foundation’s 癌症治疗 Fund. Donations help provide patients with everything from basic nutritional supplements, 诊断和预防性治疗, 医疗保险不包括假发和其他必需品.

The 2023 癌症治疗 Run was held on October 7 with a record number of participants – 235! “2024癌症关爱跑”将于10月12日举行. 请关注更多细节!

我们一直在寻找新成员. 有关TWIG 1的更多信息,请发送电子邮件至christamoody78@gmail.com.

结识新朋友. 与社区联系. 产生影响.


TWIG 2 -廉价精品



周四、周五和周六上午10点.m. 到2点.m.

在因新型冠状病毒肺炎而关闭了几个月之后, bet356的TWIG 2的廉价精品店是开放的!

收货时间为星期四至星期六上午10点.m. – noon, and donations are accepted during open hours, unless the accepting room is full. 请致电740-415-8755确认, 请查看下面列出的寄售和捐赠条款.


All proceeds benefit 融合 programs and medical equipment purchases through the bet356 Foundation.

廉价精品店于1968年11月开业. It is Lancaster’s oldest consignment shop and features fine-quality clothing for men, 妇女和儿童, 还有一些小的家居用品.


  • 每人每周可托运十件物品. 这是2美元.每星期寄售10件(或少于10件)收费00英镑.
  • Consignors receive two-thirds of the set price when an item is sold; the Boutique receives one-third of the set price.
  • 托运的衣物必须是干净的, 状况良好, 在当前的时尚和季节, 衣架上.
  • 家居用品必须清洁,并处于工作状态. 如适用,必须包括工作电池.
  • 所有接受出售的商品将展示五个星期.
  • 如果在第五周内没有售出的话, 该物品将自动成为专卖店的财产.
  • 18岁以下的人不得托运物品.
  • For a complete list of the terms of consignment and for those items we cannot accept, 请致电740-415-8755与廉价精品店联系.

TWIG 6 - " In the Bag "特卖


“In the Bag”是一个出售名牌手袋、行李箱和配饰的活动. Held in the fall and spring in the 融合’s assembly rooms, the event is open to the public.

Proceeds from the sale benefit 融合 programs and medical-equipment purchases.

树枝7 -光之树和桥-拉玛

弗兰克年代. 本森,老.,成立于1950年

12月的假期是一个给予和分享的季节. 每年, 小树枝装饰着三棵树, 一个在医院的北大厅, 一个在南大厅, 另一个在融合河谷校区. 为了捐款, everyone is invited to sponsor a light on the Tree of Light in honor of or in memory of someone. The honoree will receive notification that a light is shining in his/her name. The Book of Honor, stationed by the trees, lists the names of all donors and honorees.

从10月. 1 until May 31 each year, Bridge-A-Rama is a fun event for those who play contract bridge. 下午有女士小组,晚上有情侣小组. 游戏由美国桥牌联盟的规则管理. The host/hostess for the month is responsible for contacting the other three players early in the month to arrange the dates of play. 每个玩家一次性支付16美元的参与费用. 每个月玩20手. 此外,每组的合作伙伴都可以赢得奖品.

得分最高的合作伙伴每月将获得10美元的奖金. Grand prizes are awarded at the end of the Bridge-A-Rama year; $50 to the partners with the highest total score for all eight months, $30 to the partners with the second-highest total score and $20 to the partners with the third-highest total score.

Proceeds from both projects benefit 融合 programs and medical-equipment purchases.

TWIG 9 -制服销售和RADA餐具销售

Dr. P.S. 骨纪念,成立于1950年

一年几次, bet356 partners with a local uniform company to hold a “Shop at Work Day” at the hospital. 融合 employees and public are invited to shop and save on brand-name uniforms, 实习医生风云, 鞋及配件. TWIG 9每年还会举办两次RADA餐具拍卖会. This is open to employees and the public and features knives, kitchen utensils, soup and dip mixes.

TWIG 9’s main focus is the Maternity Department, but proceeds also support other 融合 programs.

树枝12 -祝愿礼品店


TWIG 12 provides most of the volunteer and staffing for 融合’s 祝福礼品店. Proceeds from the gift shop benefit 融合 programs and medical-equipment purchases. In addition, TWIG 12 purchases Koff Kushions for cardiovascular patients as needed.


TWIG 13 -自制派和何塞马德里萨尔萨特卖


TWIG 13的自制派销售活动每年在米勒体育举办两次. Sales are held the weekend before Memorial Day in May and again in the fall at the end of September or beginning of October.

Proceeds from the sale benefit 融合 programs and medical-equipment purchases.

TWIG 16 -集体商品销售



Collective Goods, formerly 书 Are Fun, holds a spring and fall book fair each year. 融合的会议室里摆满了新书和礼物, 包括家庭, 季节性和独一无二的礼物. 你可以期待看到儿童读物, 畅销书, 体育书籍, 爱好, 工艺品, 烹饪, 家与花园, 鼓舞人心,还有更多. 每个人都有适合自己的东西! 这些产品的折扣远低于零售价. The public is invited and cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa and Discover Cards are accepted. 融合员工可获得工资扣除.

All Proceeds benefit 融合 programs, medical-equipment purchases and the Summer Autism Camp.

融合基金会TWIG 17树枝17 -书籍 & 更多的存储*


*的书 & 从8月起,更多的商店将改变地点. 2023年7月31日之后将不再接受捐赠. 请稍后查看更多细节.

书 & 更多的

  • 星期三:下午一时至六时.m.
  • 星期四:上午10点.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • 星期六:上午10点.m. – 4:00 p.m.

书 & 更多的 accepts donations of gently used books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, software, puzzles & 有声书打折出售. 在营业时间内接受捐款. 这家商店里的东西标价都不超过一美元. All proceeds benefit 融合 programs and medical-equipment purchases through the 融合 Foundation.

这家商店不收百科全书, 教科书, 国家地理, 《bet356》浓缩书籍, VHS或盒式磁带, 健康, 2年以上的饮食或旅游书籍, or popular magazines more than 2 years old – the exception being specialty magazines such as aviation or 烹饪. 请不要携带破损、发霉、进水或发霉的物品.

If the volunteer accepting the donation sees that the donation does not meet the above mentioned criteria, 他们不会接受的. If you have any questions about whether or not your items fit the criteria, please call 740-687-8987.